Update from David

David says he’s staying fairly safe for the most part, not venturing out of the Green Zone when not on duty.  The biggest challenge is the weather, where it has been raining tremendously, creating a sandy mud that gets over everything.  It has even snowed, with the temperature dipping to 25 degrees.

Pondering his place in the current state of affairs and our involvement in the Middle East, David has the following to offer:

“Regardless of one’s political opinion, the essence of a soldier is to serve.  Therefore, I do not intend to be a hero, just to be twice the citizen I would have been otherwise”.

Off to War

David has gone off to serve our country in the Middle East .  He’s on tour for the next 12-18 months in the 110+ degree deserts of Iraq.  In his own words:

 The daily routine is relatively safe for now.  I can’t say, “wish you were here”.  It would be something one would wish on their enemy, not their family…Well, take care… Tell the rest of the family I said “hello, would you like a sandwich”?  Get it….sand…wich?   I’m here all year folks.  Peace (after war)!

David was kind enough to send a picture, taken on a C-130 transport plane from Kuwait to Iraq. The Firester name on the uniform just makes me proud.